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Nakita Kelsey

I’m Nakita Kelsey

Nakita Keley is a partner at Mattis & Kelsey. She had dedicated her practice to serving the community in Ontario. She has had her best success with difficult cases. She is particularly skilled in devising a trial strategy to enable our clients to get the best result. She is personable and will strive to get the best outcome possible. She understands the difficulty and stress a criminal charge brings to the life of an accused person.
Nakita has conducted trials, preliminary hearings, discoveries in the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. She vigorously and wholeheartedly advocates for her clients. She graduated from Law School at Osgoode Hall in 2015. She was called to the bar in 2017 and has since dedicated her practice to ensuring her clients get fair trials. She is a trial lawyer with a plethora of trial experience. She has defended murders, terrorism, drug cases, gun cases, aggravated assaults, dangerous offender designations, sexual assaults, threats, and breaches of court orders.

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