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About Mattis & Kelsey LLP

Mattis & Kelsey LLP is focused on getting people the legal help that they need. We provide legal counsel and advise to enable out clients to get the best possible outcome.
We are a leading law firm in Scarborough and Brampton.
The Client interest above all. We provide competent representation with compassionate service to improve the client circumstance.
We put experience on your side

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Dedicated to serving the legal needs of the Brampton and GTA community. Mattis & Kelsey LLP comfortably deals with sensitive issues relating to your family, estate, criminal and immigration needs. At Mattis & Kelsey LLP we vigorously advocate for our clients and support them through the legal system.
24+ Years
of Experience
24+ Years of Experience

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Law is a complex matter that can lead to significant problems if disregarded. Allow us to assist you!