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Managing Partner

Maurice J Mattis

I’m Maurice J Mattis

Maurice J. Mattis is the Senior Partner at Mattis Kelsey LLP.
Maurice is widely regarded as one of the top Criminal Defence Lawyers in Ontario. Having successfully argued cases at both the Ontario and Superior Courts as well as Summary Conviction Appeal Court. Maurice has a reputation of relentlessly pursuing the law in the best interest of his clients.
As a former Assistant Crown Attorney and former police officer he has the privilege of knowing what police officer’s investigation entails and the expectation of the prosecutor in negotiations with counsel and their strategy in winning cases. This incredible insight is a distinct differentiator and skill that Mr. Mattis brings to his clients.
Mr. Mattis successfully argued the first case in Canada where a person was charged with murder involving terrorism. His competence includes successfully arguing the cases with difficult evidentiary and legal issues, especially in murder and attempted murder.
As well as a successful criminal Practice, Maurice has been representing clients in family cases for over 13 years. He brings his wealth of experience in Criminal Law advocacy to the family court with excellent results for his client.
The major focus of the Firm is ensure that clients receive competent representation with compassionate service.

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